Flight1 Downloader

Flight1 Downloader 1.3

A downloader tool which can even validate and repair previous downloads
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The Flight1 Downloader tool relies on Flight1 Downloader Data files (they have the .ddf extension).
This tool will download for you, it will validate your file against any corruption, has full resume, and can even validate and repair previous downloads. Using this tool will prevent you from having to re-download the file, or from loosing a partially downloaded file. You will need both the tool and the data file for by example B200.

Main Features :

- Files are validated as they are downloaded.
- Incomplete downloads are revalidated and resumed.
- Good for any internet connection. Dialup users do not have to worry about wasted download attempts, and broadband users will experience a fast connection to the file.
- The ability to select from a list of multiple mirrors if they are available.
- You can run the downloader minimized to the system tray and it will work quietly in the background.
- It will try to automatically resume the download if there are network problems.
- You know that once you get the file, it should be 100% valid, and not corrupted.
- You can use the tool to validate an already existing download that was downloaded by another application, such as a web browser or other download tool.
- If you have a corrupted download, it can repair the file without having to re-download the entire file.
- If you typically wait for CD's, you may not have to any more! The downloader can get you the software much faster than shipping, and save you money also! The goal is to let you download with confidence!
- Works in Windows Vista/7
- Is compatible with download codes from the Flight1 Members download area.

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